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Transform Your Business with Human Centered AI

Combining human centered design with global experience transforming businesses, I offer strategic guidance and actionable AI roadmaps to unlock growth and build resilience in a rapidly changing landscape.

With over three quarters of businesses unprepared for AI and cultural resistance as the top barrier, a human-centred approach is key to success. 

Accelerate your AI journey and overcome common obstacles to harness AI's potential while prioritising human-centred outcomes.

Innovating with Purpose in Times of Uncertainty

Building Resilient Growth. Build AI-driven resilience and achieve sustainable, AI-powered growth through strategic AI adoption

Human-Focused Innovation. Design human-centred AI solutions prioritising human needs and AI capabilities, driving customer-centric innovation

Intelligent Technology Integration. Align AI investments with business goals through strategic technology integration, driving measurable growth and efficiency

Services for Targeted AI Success

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AI Proof-of-Concept Development
Reduce risk and accelerate your AI journey with rapid prototyping. We'll collaboratively identify high-potential AI use cases and develop and test early-stage prototypes to validate suitability before full-scale investment

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Organisational Readiness
Accelerate AI adoption by assessing your organisation's preparedness, identifying potential cultural barriers, and developing change management strategies for smooth implementation and long-term success.

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AI Strategy & Business Alignment
Ensure your AI initiatives deliver maximum impact. We'll align your AI vision with your business strategy, goals, and operating model, creating a clear roadmap for success.

Your Path to AI Transformation

  • Expert in Human-Centered AI Strategy & Implementation

  • Human-Centered Design Practitioner & Teacher at IDEO U 

  • Global Transformation Experience for Scalable AI Solutions (HSBC)

  • Hands-On Guidance from Vision to Execution (N Brown)

  • Deep Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty)

Let's Discuss Your AI Transformation

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